Chapel of the Christ to the Column and some iconografic derivations of the altarpiece

Angela Franco Mata


In the cathedral of Toledo there is a chapel located in the ambulatory, which gives its name to the content, of special interest from the iconographic and theatrical point of view. It has an altarpiece with the representation of Christ tied to the column between St Peter and St John. It is the plastic interpretation of the Auto de la Pasión, by Alonso del Campo, written between 1486 and 1499. It is completed with the figure of Veronica. It had a certain diffusion in the field of miniature as in the Book of Hours of Alonso de Zúñiga and in the sculpture, in the group of Christ to the column and St Peter (St John has been lost) in Alcaraz (Albacete).


Altarpiece, Christ to the column, St Peter, St John, Zúñiga, Alcaraz, Auto de la Pasión, Alonso del Campo, theater, devotion

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